Best Computers For Music Production

Are you looking for best computers capable of handling the music production for home recording purpose?

If you are looking for computers which are good for music production then there is one thing I would inform you about.

There are certain requirements which are required in the computer. Any computer laptop or PC is eligible for home recording setup if they have the minimum requirements available on the computer.

So if you are a beginner and looking for how to build a home recording studio setup you can read the full setup here.

A beginner musician must have thought of setting up his/her own home recording studio setup for music production. If you are a musician your thought must have crossed their minds about which computer should be best for them.

There are some conditions on which you must think about before purchasing a computer.


Best computers for music production

Those are

  • Budget

  • Processing speed

  • Portability

Your condition might be different than any others. So before buying you have to think about the choice of laptop you would buy that would meet your condition.

For example, if you are on a tight budget you should refrain yourself from buying costly computers with high specs. Again if you don’ have any budget problem, then you can neglect the budget limitation and choose your required processing speed(the more the better).


You must know about the minimum general requirements for a computer to become qualified for music production.

  • The computers must have a minimum RAM of 8GB.
  • Your computer must have a minimum i5 processor to avoid slowing down
  • Hard Disk must have a minimum capacity of 500GB for storage

These are the basic requirements for a computer for music production. These specifications may seem a little high but the DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) is a very high-end software. It requires a high specification for optimum results.

Minumum 8GB RAM enables the computer to work faster and will help to perform your work more efficiently

The i5 processor is required for supporting high-end DAW’s like

  • Presonus One 3 (Amazon)

  • Cakewalk Sonar (Amazon)

  • Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 Recording Software (Amazon)

  • Propellerhead Reason (Amazon)


This is a  never-ending debate topic whether you should you use laptops or desktops. There are obviously Pros and cons of using either laptops or desktops.

No hard feelings but if you ask me I would say, I prefer working on desktops over laptops.

The reason is very simple; it’s highly customizable and cheap. If you start with a low specification due to the tight budget there is no need to worry.

The reason is you can very easily upgrade your desktop to achieve more processing speed.It, in turn, help your DAW to perform well on your desktop.

Moreover, the mechanical noise problem is not present in desktop unlike laptops

desktop vs laptops for music production

Also, you will get more ports on a desktop for connecting the other accessories.

But for laptops upgrade of the RAM is only possible because most parts are integrated into the motherboard.It is not customizable.

On the other hand, laptops possess the high availability in the market. There are lots of companies introducing highly functional laptops which can be really powerful tools for music production.

Moreover, the laptops offer you portability. If you are a DJ then a laptop would suit you more than a desktop. You can carry your laptop to pubs, discos, parties and produce music on the spot.

Some laptops which are really powerful for music production are


This is another hot topic on which battles are raged on even today. Every musician has their own opinions about the usability of Windows-enabled PC or Apple’s Mac.

Many of the renowned musicians prefer Mac over Windows.The performance of the Mac is quite better than the Windows PC.

But it can’t be denied that many world famous music is created daily on Windows-enabled pc or desktop.It’s just a choice of matter what you want to proceed with.

mac pc for music production

Most of the beginners start with Windows PC because it is more budget-friendly than the Mac.

The Mac’s are really costly but so is their functions are slightly better than Windows.

My advice would be to you just choose a pc but keep in mind of the features required to set up a recording studio for music production.

Mac Desktops

If we look at the varieties of Mac we will get majority uses three types of Mac desktops.

  • Mac Pro
  • iMac
  • Mac mini

Mac Pro is used by most of the renowned studios all over the world. But if you are a beginner then it’s surely an overkill for you.

Next is iMac which is very light in weight and very handy for DJs but for a recording studio, but for music production studios the processor is slightly slower than the Mac Pro.

If you want to buy the cheapest Mac among the trio then Mac mini is the one. Though it will not give you the processing power of the higher versions, still it is one of the favourite choices for the home recording studios.

Windows PC

Windows PCs can be used for the music production but they are relatively slower than the Mac desktops. Most of the renowned studios use Mac for its raw processor power.

But if you are on a tight budget or you are a beginner then the Windows is the best option for you.

A PC expert can customize the Windows PC setup to enhance the features which are comparable to the Mac but if you are not aware of the procedure then maybe it’s better to start with a Mac.


Either its Windows or Mac there are some things you will need with your computers. These accessories are required for controlling the PC. They are

  • Keyboard

A keyboard is one of the important components required for controlling the DAW software.

It helps you to load all the DAW shortcuts so that you can use it again and again very easily. You can use either during music recording or music production.

A number pad should be present on your keyboard for more convenience. You can use it to produce more shortcuts for DAW.

keyboard for music production

A wireless keyboard will help you to transfer controls to DAW from anywhere in the studio room.

There are some wireless keyboard you can get on Amazon

Any mouse is good for your computer accessories.But it is good if you have some programmable buttons on the mouse as extra features.

The extra features will help you to work comfortably without switching to keyboard continuously.

mouse for music production

There is some mouse which you make like

A monitor is also important for a desktop. If you have a small screen PC or laptop at the beginning, eventually you would be forced to buy a large screen.

You may even have to buy another monitor for a clearer view of DAW. Most of the studios have two to three monitors.

But a 20-23.5 inch screen will still be better for music production rather than working in a 15.6-inch display.

monitor required for music production

Also, you should consider the resolution of the display which varies greatly from computer to computer

There are some LCD monitors you might be interested


A computer is the brain of the recording setup for music production. Most of the components are controlled by the computer(whether its pc, desktop, Mac or Windows).

So its very important to go through the details before buying any computer.

Almost all of the DAWs are functional in both in Mac and Windows PC. So don’t worry, buy any computer you are comfortable with; just watch whether it fulfils your conditions for eligibility.




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